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Pickled Picasso in Keller, Texas

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900 S. Main Street, Suite 355

Keller, Texas 76248

(817) 741-6889

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Welcome to Pickled Picasso!

It’s time for a new way to paint the town!


Are you tired of the same old worn-out ideas for getting out of the house? Do you need some girl time? Date-night time? Time just for you? If you’re alive and breathing and a part of the 21st century’s hustle and bustle, the answer is probably a resounding “YES!"


Well, good news my fellow North Texans! Pickled Picasso is the perfect opportunity to get away for a couple of hours, to defrag in a relaxed and upbeat environment, and to reboot!


Whether you’re celebrating a bachelorette party, a birthday party, a promotion, an anniversary, or just celebrating making it through the day, this is the perfect night out!


Pickled Picasso is North Texas’ premiere venue for art and wine entertainment.


Bring your friends (or come alone) and follow our art instructor step-by-step to recreate the night’s featured painting with your own unique twist. It’s cheaper than therapy and absolutely NO experience is necessary. It’s a great time for the person who has never held a paintbrush, and for the person who paints like Monet! YOU CAN PAINT, you just need to be shown!


Private parties, Family classes, Date nights, Teen Nights, Kid's Camps, and more!


Have you ever wished you had your very own art studio? A place to get those creative juices flowing… a place to get a little messy, and place to get completely immersed in your project without the distraction of phones ringing, laundry piles calling your name, and to-do lists nagging at your brain? A place to get away for a couple of hours? A place to celebrate with friends and family? A place to network, meet new people and have a lot of fun?  Well now you can have it!


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Here’s how it works:

Take a look at our Calendar and pick a date and painting that you would like to recreate. 


Book your session online by clicking the painting and date you will be attending (be sure to list the people in your party so that you can be seated with them. Seating is assigned and space is limited).


Along with your favorite people, bring your favorite beverage and snacks if you would like. Dress casually, and remember, acrylic paint can stain, so don’t wear anything TOO fancy! Be casual… It’s about relaxation…


Arrive 10-15 minutes early to get signed in, to get your drink poured, your apron situated just right, and to find your seat. The class starts right on time.


Please Note- If a class does not have sufficient registration, the class could be canceled or the painting could be changed.



Finally, RELAX. Once the art session begins, an instructor will paint along with you and guide you brush stroke by brush stroke until your masterpiece is complete!





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900 S. Main Street, Suite 355

Keller, Texas 76248


Phone: (817) 741-6889 

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