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Pickled Picasso in Keller, Texas

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900 S. Main Street, Suite 355

Keller, Texas 76248

(817) 741-6889

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Palette Knife Painting - Umbrella



Palette Knife Painting - Umbrella
Thursday Nov 19, 2015 7:00pm to 9:00pm
It Was Fun!
Tonight is going to be a lot of fun! You will learn, step-by-step the art of palette-knife painting. You can paint the umbrella scene or the Christmas ornaments... just sign up and take your pick when you get to the studio. Once you learn to use the palette knife, you will be hesitant to go back to an ordinary brush! Super fun, super easy... and a great time! Bring a bottle of your favorite beverage, and a friend or two, and enjoy your evening with us at Pickled Picasso!
Event Location
Pickled Picasso
900 S. Main Street, Suite 355
Keller, TX 76248


900 S. Main Street, Suite 355

Keller, Texas 76248


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